Experimenter Labs is envisaged as an inclusive, experimental, online platform in addition to our onsite gallery programming. It is a laboratory-like space where research and experiments are performed and new frontiers are tested. Fundamentally aligned with our core programming at the gallery, the lab aims to be an incubator for future thinking.  

 Experimenter Labs has undertaken the following initiatives since April 2020:

Generator | Co-operative art production fund
Generator, a co-operative art production fund created by Experimenter in collaboration with its artists and friends, awards several production bursaries through the year of varying amounts towards the realisation of artists' projects. It is exclusively for artists not represented by Experimenter. A rotating jury reviews the applications.

Black Box | Online platform for digital projects
Experimenter Labs invites calls for cross-disciplinary projects that will exclusively be presented online. These projects could be from the fields of visual arts, theatre, dance, music and others. Black Box furthers the gallery’s objectives to reach wider audiences and embrace a multi-disciplinarian approach in the process, and enable new, online viewing experiences. Experimenter facilitates a production budget for each project.

Filament | Online film and video programming
A dynamic space for online film and video programming, Filament streams films by a diverse range of filmmakers and artists along with online conversations with filmmakers and audiences through the year.

Experimenter Labs Reader | Guest-edited online anthology
The Experimenter Labs Reader is a guest-edited anthology that presents essays, prose, poetry and images by poets, writers, philosophers, photographers, artists, filmmakers, activists, musicians and others and is permanently hosted on Experimenter’s website. The Reader is accompanied by online readings and discussions.

Deep Dive Series | Artists and peer conversations, online studio visits
Artists often have close confidants in curators, writers, gallerists or other artists and peers. These individuals have a nuanced and rich access to the artist’s practice and mind, developed over several years. The Deep Dive series is presented through online, sometimes live, in-depth personal conversations between them. These are shared as peer conversation podcasts, video interviews, live online studio visits, book readings and sharing texts highlighting the artist and also the practice their peers are engaged in.

Experimenter Radio | Online music playlists and podcasts
Experimenter Radio is a dedicated Spotify channel containing playlists composed of music and podcasts by artists, writers, thinkers, curators, collaborators, philosophers around the world, and brings an ever-growing mix of sonic experiences that act as sources of inspiration and reflection.

Experimenter Learning Program | Online sessions
Experimenter Learning Program (ELP) is a long-term, multifaceted learning and education program that keeps visual culture at its root to build discourse around it. ELP will continue to organise and host a range of online classroom sessions with course facilitators through the year in fields of contemporary and performing arts, curatorship, film, writing, language and social culture.

For further information, please write to admin@experimenter.in