Rathin Barman, Adip Dutta | Land of no Horizon - II: Experimenter – Hindustan Road

3 - 18 July 2015

The contention of owning a resource, to lay claim to it, whether it be tangible land or intangible knowledge emerges to be the nature of modern development. Land Of No Horizon II explores ideas of ownership, of development and application of resources and possibly that of accumulation and misbalances through the work of Rathin Barman & Adip Dutta at Experimenter. 

Land of No Horizon is a curatorial extension of a project that Experimenter has been exploring over the last few years and plans to do a series of exhibitions, symposia and an eventual publication that deals with ideas of land, issues that are contentious with owning this valuable resource and our own relationship with its histories and an imagination of a possible future, through the eyes of artists from all over the world.

Land of No Horizon II, shows the work of Rathin Barman and Adip Dutta, who use mediums distinctly their own, but look at ideas of land and its excavation, of space and its relationship with land and its fundamental elements, not only in its physical manifestation, but also in its aesthetic iteration.

Land of No Horizon, attempts to view urbanity through a lens that questions the distraught and at times confrontational situations that face the use of land as resource and its ownership. It and questions the tools of measuring its efficacy in translating itself into its true value.