Drawn From Practice II: Experimenter – Ballygunge Place

14 April - 30 June 2022

Experimenter presents Drawn From Practice II, which relooks at the conceptual, notational, and foundational role of drawing without restricting itself to formal or conventional boundaries. Drawing's flexibility, its suppleness, its anti-monumental, and exploratory character, readily bring forth an intimate and nuanced, yet direct encounter with the mind of the practitioner, and reveal thoughts and intentions that may be less apparent in their final formal practice. 
Drawn from Practice II unfolds in two physical manifestations simultaneously at Experimenter’s twin spaces in Kolkata. At Experimenter Ballygunge Place, disorder, notations, and initial ideas animate the works on view by Ayesha SultanaBhasha ChakrabartiPrabhavathi MeppayilSanchayan GhoshSeher Shah & Sreshta Rit Premnath bringing these practices together through preliminary thought, revealing a deeply personal, yet central framework of deliberation, resistance and process rooted in each practice.