Sahil Naik | All is Water, and To Water We Must Return: Experimenter – Ballygunge Place

21 April - 31 July 2021

Experimenter is pleased to announce Sahil Naik’s solo project All is water, and to water we must return at Ballygunge Place (Projects room). The project will concurrently be on view as part of Galleries Curate: RHE.

Over the past six years, Naik has extensively worked with families from Curdi to document the landscape, structures, oral histories and songs. All is water, and to water we must return, resists erasure and attempts to re-frame memory, recuperation and coming to terms with loss. The body of work emerges across three conditions of time: the last villagers who knew Curdi before its submergence are at an advanced age and their stories remain largely undocumented. The waters that had preserved the structures over these decades are now warmer with climate change, besides altered rainfall patterns, leading to a faster deterioration of structures. How can we re-think history outside prescription and state sanction, building it from lived experiences, oral histories and legend?. How can nature be a determinant of history?