Experimenter Labs Reader – II

Four conversations around Between Repetition and Reticence

Four conversations around Between Repetition and Reticence
Abhishek Hazra with Kabelo Malatsie, Pallavi Paul, Santosh S, and Srajana Kaikini.

Between Repetition and Reticence was originally conceived and installed as Abhishek Hazra’s solo exhibition at Experimenter Hindustan Road in 2020, underscoring a deeply layered practice that straddles several concurrent arcs of interest. As the exhibition came to life subliminal strands of thought and processes emerged, anchored to scientific discovery, linguistics, undercurrents in popular culture, stratified societal systems and political history at cusp of modernism in the subcontinent. These converging ideas navigated through a complex web of moving-image, animation, sound and text that led to our interest in developing an afterlife of the exhibition in the form of an Experimenter Labs Reader.

This Reader expands the exhibition through three nodal points of departure by an incredible group of interlocutors Kabelo Malatsie, Pallavi Paul and Santosh S. with an introduction by Srajana Kaikini along with an essay by Rita Dutta. The material is further nudged open through images and web-links that hold excerpts and references to texts accompanied by a hyper-linked glossary unravelling the dense exhibition towards a broader conversation and a renewed lens of enquiry.

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