Experimenter Editions I | Drawn from Practice

Ayesha Sultana, Biraaj Dodiya, Julien Segard, Prabhakar Pachpute, Radhika Khimji, Rathin Barman and Sahil Naik
Publisher: Experimenter Books.

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 1.2 in / 43.18 x 35.56 x 3 cm

Drawn from Practice is the first iteration of Experimenter Editions, limited edition reproductions of works by artists that explore the conceptual, notational and foundational role of drawing. A fertile ground for experimentation and testing the boundaries of thought, drawing is often the only initial scaffolding on which artists rely as a point of departure. Drawing is traditionally viewed as markings, notations and sketches, often on paper or personal diaries; however, the influence of drawing and its scope that Drawn from Practice navigates goes well beyond the physical act of drawing and approaches it as thought, as form and as practice. A preparatory drawing that accompanies each work forms the core ideating surface for each of them in this folio, underscoring the wide range of influences and ideas that inform these works.


Often, deeply personal experiences invoke the first need to express, as manifested in the works of Ayesha Sultana and Biraaj Dodiya, the clues to which lie in their preparatory documents. Sultana starts with a lung scan that translates the act of breathing on clay-coated paper as an act of removal, while a fleeting, corporeal emotion is palpable in Dodiya’s excerpt from Anne Carson’s poem. At other times, what we see around us also propels us to draw, yet drawing goes beyond mere representation. Julien Segard, Rathin Barman and Radhika Khimji reveal several trajectories that occupy their field of sight, either from architectural references or from experiencing landscapes that leave a lasting impression. Drawing can also be anthropological, linked to history and influenced by socio-cultural and political markers. Prabhakar Pachpute’s and Sahil Naik’s works for this edition are rooted in personal conversations, research and anecdotal encounters. Drawn from Practice takes the conceptual arc of drawing as a wide and impactful tool for thinking, experimenting and activating ideas that define how practices evolve and what lies at the core of thought and action for artists.


Experimenter Editions I | Drawn from Practice is a limited edition of 100.


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