Prasad Shetty & Rupali Gupte

Prasad Shetty & Rupali Gupte are urbanists based in Mumbai and teach at the School of Environment and Architecture which they co-founded as an experimental academic space for architecture and urbanism. In 2003, they co-founded an urban research network, CRIT.

Rupali and Prasad are architects and specialise in urban design and urban management respectively. Some of their works include Multifarious Nows (an art installation for Manifesta 7, Bolzano - 2007); Studies of Housing Types in Mumbai (for the Urban Age initiative of London School of Economics - 2007), Being Nicely Messy - a proposition for the future of Urban Mobility (for Audi Urban Future Initiatives, Istanbul - 2012); Gurgaon Glossaries - a methodology to read cities (for Sarai 09 Delhi - 2013, Mumbai Art Room and the Sao Paolo Architecture Biennale - 2014); Transactional Objects (an installation for the 56th Venice Art Biennale - 2015), R and R: a library and community centre built in a rehabilitation colony in Mankhurd in collaboration with CAMP and Khanabadhosh (2016), Spatial design for the Shanghai Biennale (2016); Systems and Madness, (an installation at the Seoul Architecture Biennale 2017) When is Space? (curation of an architectural exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendral, Jaipur - 2018).