Léuli Eshrāghi

Léuli Eshrāghi is a visiting curator (with Freja Carmichael, Lana Lopesi, Tarah Hogue and Sarah Biscarra Dilley) at the Institute of Modern Art, just north of Mianjin, in 2018. He is a curator, artist and Monash University PhD candidate visiting Kulin Nation lands and waters. Léuli hails from the Sāmoan villages of Āpia, Leulumoega, Siʻumu, Salelologa, and other ancestries.

His work centres on ceremonial-political practices, language renewal, and Indigenous futures. Residencies include Sovereign Words (Office of Contemporary Art Norway with Artspace Sydney at the Dhaka Art Summit), Para Site Hong Kong, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and University of British Columbia - Okanagan. He serves on the board of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (Canada), editorial advisory committee for un Magazine, and the Pacific advisory group to Melbourne Museum.