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Experimenter Books based in Kolkata India, is an independent art book publisher founded in 2016. We publish artist’s books, monographs and book objects. Our books not only reflect the art of creative bookmaking, but also explore innumerable possibilities offered by the medium. With a particular interest in design, each book is produced as a special object, conceived and envisaged in close collaboration with artists.

Artist’s book objects remain our core interest in the publishing extension of the program, where we produce limited edition objects that take from or add to the form of books. They at times may, but not necessarily always, challenge the conventional book format, take sculptural, interactive, intuitive and even ephemeral forms. Artists have a strong hand and control over the making of artist’s books and we envisage our role as an enabler that makes work by artists in the book form more accessible, portable, open to new interpretations and alternative reading.

Keeping our focus on maintaining editorial quality, distinctive design and production values, we see ourselves as an independent producer and as a publishing partner for artists. Our books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and establish a connection between cultural disciplines, political and socio-economic questions. An extension of the programming at our gallery EXPERIMENTER, with our publishing enterprise as well, we attempt to build a varied audience in the field of contemporary art that challenges the viewers and readers of our books.

Artist Books

Aveek Sen - Art & Life: 21 Essays, 2018
Art & Life: 21 Essays by Aveek Sen. A selection of pieces written by Sen, each essay incorporates photographs taken by him. They reveal the workings of a mind ensconced within the world of the literary, the visual and the sensorial, taking us on a journey through ephemeral experiences that dovetail into one another yet elude permanent structures of perception.

To order an edition, email admin@experimenter.in

Ayesha Sultana - Form Studies, 2017
Form Studies gives us an insight into the gaze of Ayesha Sultana. How she perceives street corners, architectural facets, wall surfaces, and construction items in her day to day life in Dhaka as well as other cities she travels to. These impressions accumulate in her subconscious and find themselves on paper. They are not just observations of form, but of material, movement and distance; key aspects that have held Sultana’s interest over time.

To order an edition, email admin@experimenter.in

Bani Abidi - I Love You, 2016
I love you is a project by Bani Abidi about the discretion of romantic love, about it being silent, shy and hidden. The silence of the flick book and the inaudible mouthing of ‘I love you’, animates the reading of this book, adding a tactility to the feeling expressed by the three words. These flick books were first produced by the artist during an artist residency in Lahore in 2003 and were given to friends, to be passed onto others whom they loved.

To order an edition, email admin@experimenter.in

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